I cry in the middle of the night
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27th of Apr 2013 • 08:23 PM • 25 notes
Heart on my sleeve//Tarlie

Tia didn’t really think she’d be as excited as she was, It was just Charlie. One of the boys shed grown up around, but she couldn’t keep back the excited butterflies in her stomach. After several opinions she’d gone for her black dress..before changing it for the pink dress shortly afterwards. She walked down the stairs, her curls bouncing and rushing into the front room listening to her father speak to her. “be home by 11, keep your phone on…” her father continued to tell her rules although she was only half listening. Her dad had been protective since she’d tried to kill herself and she’d only got home late last night, where there had been some tears.

In the end she gave her dad a kiss on the cheek and left the house, knowing Charlie was picking her up but not wanting to expose him to her over protective father just yet.